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"Away from the table" discussion around the wider D&D cultural impact and about how TTRPGs have affected our lives. Includes real-world talk about podcasts, streaming, and the TTRPG family.

February 05, 2021


In this useful episode I'm joined by Phill, a.k.a Blue Munchkinite , to discuss all the different utilities DMs and players use to help them play and generally increase the quality of their experience. Everything from maps, m...

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January 29, 2021


This episode I am joined by the creator of the My Sound Delve mobile app, Christian Borchert, and we talk about all the tricks, tools, and talents used to enhance your gameplay experience. Although we have different approache...

DM Advice Meta

January 15, 2021


In this meta-episode we find ourselves discussing "Podcasts". I'm joined by Mike Hibbert ( @MikeHDnD ), who has been in the TTRPG and board game space for 40 years, and had 1000 listeners on his first podcast 15 years ago. We...


December 18, 2020


This episode I talk about all the big things with Nathan Briggs, my DM from our Dungeons, Dice, and Dudes actual-play podcast. We discuss how Dungeons & Dragons has changed over the years, from "nerds in the basement" to prim...

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