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Zack Applewhite is a professional marketer specializing in localized Search Engine Optimization.

In his spare time Zack is Head of Marketing at Applewhite Games. A company he runs with his wife producing original D&D5e materials.

Having successfully run a number Kickstarters, while working full-time hours, getting his degree, and raising a family, Zack knows very well how difficult it can be to produce and market a product in one's spare time.

He's here today to share his knowledge and experience with the intent of encouraging and empowering listeners to market as well as they can with the what they have.

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Feb. 25, 2022

Once again I'm joined by professional marketer and crowdfund-whisperer Zack Applewhite, of Applewhite Games , who shares his expertise in producing successful Kickstarters. 01:34 - Reframing Crowdfunding 12:29 - How To Get S…



July 23, 2021

This episode I am joined by professional marketer Zack Applewhite, of Applewhite Games , who takes us on a whistle-stop masterclass of content marketing tips, advice, and real-world examples to help us better promote the ama…