July 23, 2021


This episode I am joined by professional marketer Zack Applewhite, of Applewhite Games, who takes us on a whistle-stop masterclass of content marketing tips, advice, and real-world examples to help us better promote the amazing work we do! Starting with his suggestion of a "content chop shop" where you disassemble the content you create to vastly increase quality output.

Aside from the academic and business tactics, one thing we discuss at length is comfort. Perhaps unintuitively, it's more beneficial to stick with just the mediums you're comfortable with, to avoid saturation and a loss of quality; persisting with the socials you know and understand holds much more value than spreading yourself thinly over anything and everything. Furthermore, it pays to do your research, as most social media platforms employ various sneaky tricks meaning that you rarely reach your interested audience, let alone new people. Being aware of this can have a huge impact on your mental health; it's a marathon, not a race. As long as you stay consistent and comfortable, your audience will grow.

Please ignore the amateurish splicing of some extra advice Zack thoughtfully provided post-recording, at around the 59:00 mark!

And this week I give you all some homework, to think about the following question: "One definition of 'Marketing' is 'finding out what people want'. How do you do this when the TTRPG hobby is inherently flexible and transient?"

  • 02:20 - Content marketing tips for small creators
  • 27:55 - How to stand out in a saturated market
  • 37:39 - Email lists & demographic considerations
  • 46:56 - 'Lifetime Customer Value'
  • 51:42 - To split or not to split

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Zack Applewhite


Zack Applewhite is a professional marketer specializing in localized Search Engine Optimization.

In his spare time Zack is Head of Marketing at Applewhite Games. A company he runs with his wife producing original D&D5e materials.

Having successfully run a number Kickstarters, while working full-time hours, getting his degree, and raising a family, Zack knows very well how difficult it can be to produce and market a product in one's spare time.

He's here today to share his knowledge and experience with the intent of encouraging and empowering listeners to market as well as they can with the what they have.