Sept. 10, 2021


CW: A fictional anecdote containing references to NPC children dying and descriptions of gore & bodily harm to children, all within a Dungeons & Dragons context.

This episode Robert Hartley, the DM for Viva La Dirt League, joins me to discuss his streaming experience and why he finds it so addictive. We go through the considerations of running a streamed actual play, compared to just a game at home with friends. Typically, this comes in the form of concessions; inevitably the streamer is distracted from the game. But, as with most things in life, an appreciation of the format is required when planning. The theme or vibe are you trying to achieve with your stream impacts how you approach the content creation process, and with a medium as inherently flexible as D&D, this has a large impact! One of Robert's big draws to streaming though, is interacting with the audience. It's a unique element of the medium, and as such should be leveraged as much of possible. Of course you can see how competes with giving any given D&D game your full attention! Rounding out the episode, when debate the importance of consistency and the parallels between starting D&D, podcasting, and streaming.

  • 04:52 - Transitioning from Home to Streamed Games
  • 16:49 - Streaming an Actual-Play
  • 27:34 - Alternative D&D Content
  • 34:05 - Scratching that twItch
  • 37:34 - Consistency is Key
  • 56:12 - Giving Back

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Robert Hartley

Games Master

I studied and pursued acting until 26, then studied mathematics in order to get a 'proper job' and then my D&D with Viva La Dirt League took off in a major way and I discovered Twitch streaming.

So with a couple of decades of storytelling and a good head for numbers, I became a full time Dungeon Master (which I love saying to people without any context).