What's this all about?

Thinking Critically: A D&D Discussion is a chat show podcast where we take a single concept or idea and discuss what that means within the Dungeons and Dragons framework. Each episode features a different guest from the TTRPG community and so far I've had streamers, podcasters, homebrewers, actors, app developers, friends, and youtubers. My hope is that each episode helps you get the most out of your sessions, whatever side of the screen you sit on! Consider it an NPR-style, variety bucket of thought-provoking analysis and humorous anecdotes where we cover all sorts of things from the nitty gritty of how to balance encounters, through the perception of D&D in popular culture, ending up at why the game makes us happy.

All music by the amazing Kevin MacLeod.

Podcast art by my lovely friend Lily (Béi), please check her out workshop.

About the Host

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Danilo Vujevic


Hey, I'm Danilo! I'm from Southampton in rainy ole' England. I love D&D, video games, and K-Pop (ONCE, ReVeluv) - talk to me about any of these things! I've been playing D&D for six years as both DM and player, and I'm currently three years in to running a fully homebrew campaign with six friends. I love sharing my NPCs, plot hooks, and other collateral so if you're in need of some inspiration, just let me know! This podcast is my passion project, and the best bit has been interacting with a whole bunch of talented and creative individuals!