July 30, 2021


For this discussion I'm joined by Matt Perkins, DM/podcaster/YouTuber extraordinaire, to talk all about pressure in your TTRPGs! We split the term down the middle by differentiating narrative (in-game) from "meta" (OoG) pressure, however there are often more parallels than initially thought. Join us as we jaunt through topics such as effectively communicating the stakes, how to realise meaningful choices, and why to avoid punitive measures. All with a casual sprinkling of the Jason Statham classic Crank, worldbuilding, and all round tomfoolery. We round out the discussion with our personal struggles with pressure and negativity, from both internal and external sources.

  • 02:43 - How to safely apply narrative pressure
  • 31:30 - Galvanising PCs
  • 39:32 - Self-imposed meta-pressure
  • 49:17 - The pressures of DM'ing

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Matthew Perkins


I'm out here trying to make you laugh while talking about D&D. My goal is to help people make their games less stressful, more loosey-goosey, more inclusive. If I have a lot of fun in the process, hey, that's just a bonus!

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