Jan. 29, 2021


This episode I am joined by the creator of the My Sound Delve mobile app, Christian Borchert, and we talk about all the tricks, tools, and talents used to enhance your gameplay experience. Although we have different approaches and preferences to our TTRPG experience, some things never change and it's always about the camaraderie and social experience. This episode is split pretty cleanly between digital and physical enhancements, as Christian takes us through his splendid sound-board app before some tips for creating table-top terrain.

  • 05:07 - Enhancing published modules
  • 12:31 - Improving as a DM
  • 21:38 - Enabling different systems/editions
  • 29:54 - Benefits of remote play
  • 38:31 - Adding another dimension through terrain
  • 51:58 - The key enhancement for a player
  • 64:35 - My Sound Delve

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Intro Music: 'Local Forecast' by Kevin MacLeod
Intermission Music: 'Chill' by Kevin MacLeod
Outro Music: 'Local Forecast - Elevator' by Kevin MacLeod

This episode was not sponsored or supported in any way.