Since starting the show, I've been lucky enough to have been invited on a number of other platforms. Here is where you can find all these lovely people!


Logo for the podcast Tabletop Journeys

Tabletop Journeys

Three friends with almost 100 years of role playing experience combined who run a weekly podcast covering the gamut of TTRPG topics. I featured on a "Side Quest" episode where we continued our discussion on "space":

They also had me on a "Field Trip" to throw dice with the makers of Against the Darkmaster:

Tabletop Journeys featured on the 'Space' and 'Motivation' episodes.

Logo for Matthew Perkins

'The Pea Pod' by Matthew Perkins

From Matthew's own words: "I'm out here trying to make you laugh while talking about D&D. My goal is to help people make their games less stressful, more loosey-goosey, more inclusive." And I can honestly say he does a fantastic job at it! I was a guest on his Patreon exclusive series "The Pea Pod", where we talked about giving and receiving D&D advice. I assure you, the irony was not lost on us!

Otherwise, check out all his other awesome content at his YouTube:

Matthew featured on the 'Pressure' episode.

Logo for Robert Hartley

'Short Rest' by Robert Hartley

Robert is a professional DM who is currently running the Viva La Dirt League campaign and 'D&D Logic' web series. I featured on his 'Short Rest' stream where we discussed our backgrounds and experiences:

Robert featured on the 'Streaming' episode.

Games Played Badly logo

'Session Zero' by Games Played Badly

Games Played Badly is devoted to interviewing indie TTRPG creators and other fun folks as well as some light miniature painting, and has also just started a new series on learning Warhammer 40k!

I was featured on the 'Session Zero' series where Mike humoured me for probably longer than he should've about process behind Thinking Critically:

Mike featured on the 'Hooks' episode.

The Fourth Leg logo

The Fourth Leg

The Fourth Leg is a show all about giving new GMs a leg to stand on! They cover everything including worldbuilding, story crafting, and character design! I was invited on to join the fantastic hosts Hunter, Kelci, and Joe to talk about about city building:

Joe featured on the 'Style' episode, while the whole gang was on 'Motion'.

Lucas Logo

'Making a Monster' by Scintilla Studio

A bite-sized podcast where tabletop game designers show us their favourite monster and we discover how it works, why it works, and what it means. Hosted by the charming and exceptionally knowledgeable Lucas, I was fortunate enough to feature alongside several other talented creators (some of who are also TCDND guests) on three episodes discussing the meta-monsters of D&D:

The Peasant Rail Gun and the Quantum Ogre:
The Arrow of Destruction and the Wireless Troll:
The False Hydra and Larry the Kung Fu Kraken:

Lucas features (unsurprisingly) on the 'Monster' episode.

Dungeons, Dice, and Dudes logo

Quinn in 'Dungeons, Dice, and Dudes'

And, of course, I play the "insufferable ass" Quinn in the Dungeons, Dice, and Dudes actual play podcast. If you want to hear me be even more pretentious, this is the place to do so!

Nathan (DM) featured on the 'Macro' episode.
Rob (Ulysses) featured on the 'Conflict' episode.
Simon (Owain) featured on the 'Happiness' episode.
Tim (Ulrik) featured on the 'Time' episode.
George (Sabine) is soon to feature on a future episode!