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Adam Powell (Snyder's Return)

DM / GM / Interviewer / Editor / Father

I'm a late 38's Englishman that started playing D&D after a friend at work mentioned it and pointed us towards Critical Role season one finale.
After they had DM'd I took the opportunity to try it myself and enjoyed the experience. After a relatively short time and inspired by podcasts like the Demonplague and Dungeon Drunks I pitched it to the group to do our own podcast.
They agreed and we began recording a few sessions but I already knew that I couldn't edit them in time for a consistent release so I started the Interviews.
We've had massive support from people in the TTRPG Community and it's been a pleasure to get to know people I'd have only dreamed of chatting with.

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Sept. 24, 2021

This episode I'm joined by Adam from Snyder's Return to debate the pros and cons of narrative focused TTRPG systems. Such an interesting topic overflowing with meaning, subjectivity, and design intent; this episode covers it…