Sept. 3, 2021


This week I'm joined by Quinn the GM to talk about content creation! Quinn is a serial producer, having released 15 products on Dungeon Masters Guild and showing no signs of slowing down, and he takes us through a BTS of his content creation process. We talk about the difficulties of balancing homebrew, and how the concerns shift based on whether it's for your personal game or for public consumption. As a sign of fellowship, Quinn and I share stories of our own self doubt and battles with imposter syndrome, and more importantly, how to overcome them, the answer to which is delightfully simple. Closing the episode, we discuss how the homebrew 5e market has become saturated, and the ways and means to stand out from the crowd.

  • 02:09 - Content Considerations
  • 05:53 - Such a Thing as a "Fair Advantage" when Designing Homebrew?
  • 14:17 - Overcoming Self-Doubt Through Constructive Criticism
  • 18:05 - Getting Noticed and Finding Internal Value
  • 33:22 - Balancing Spells
  • 39:14 - Inverting Tropes & Subverting Expectations
  • 49:00 - Surfacing in a Saturated Market

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Quinn The GM

Content Creator

Quinn The GM has been publishing free content for 5th Edition Dungeons and Dragons since early 2021. He has been playing TTRPGs since 2016, and has acted as a Dungeon Master for most of that time. He can be reached @Quinnthegm on Twitter!