Aug. 27, 2021


This episode, Fabio Vollono of Morgue Miniatures takes us on a trip through time and all the varied & fantastical incarnations of Dungeons & Dragons. Edition by edition, we discuss how the game has changed over the last 30+ years, such as the concept of "boxes" versus our current reality of books. We briefly touch upon some hot topics such as gender stereotypes and the class-agnostic subclasses from Strixhaven through a lens of learning from past mistakes. The history of D&D can be storied and romantic, and in some ways has changed very little; there are still starter sets which fulfil the same purpose as they always have, and the pursuit of profit will always subtlety but substantially affect the design. We round out the episode looking to the future and debate what a potential "6e" might look like. What do you think WOTC will do next?

  • 01:45 - Boxes & Books - The Journey from First to Fifth
  • 21:05 - Reactionary Editions
  • 30:10 - The Genesis of D&D - When Fifth Edition isn't Fifth Edition
  • 39:42 - How the Starter Sets have changed
  • 48:40 - Looking Forward - Will we see a 6e?

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Fabio Vollono Profile Photo

Fabio Vollono

DM/GM/Keeper/ Miniatures Maker/ Actor

RPG gamer & DM/Keeper (D&D, CoC, etc.) since 1979. Painter and now manufacturer of miniatures (Morgue Miniatures). Biker, Cook, Cat lover.
Started from collecting 28mm Napoleonic wargaming miniatures to then collecting Middle Earth miniatures when I discovered pocket games called Melee, then Magic which lead to an RPG called The Fantasy Trip. Very soon after that I purchased Basic Dungeons and Dragons, which had The Keep on the Borderlands. A year after that I went into AD&D. The following RPGS were in order: Call of Cthulhu and Runequest, then D&D 2e, D&D 3e, D&D 4e and D&D 5e. Around 2009 I played Fiasco and discovered indie RPGs. Around this time I started helping out at my FLGS (Leisure Games), where I work at conventions such as Salute (biggest wargaming convention in Europe) and Dragonmeet. In 2010 I fell into working as a Background Actor for film & TV which I still do to this day. I started a very small RPG miniatures business in 2017, Morgue Miniatures. We make specialised miniatures rather than standard miniatures in attack poses or holding swords. Our small ranges are very suitable for D&D and more specifically 1980s minis for contemporary RPG such as Tales from the Loop, Kids on Bikes.

These days, with my film & TV work, working as back-up/convention staff for Leisure Games and running a small miniatures business with my wife, I’m very happy.