Ramji Venkateswaran

CEO / General Dogsbody / DM

DM Ramji is the founder of 'The 4th Culture' . Originally a stream based out of Singapore, Asia, The 4th Culture's flagship show, Survey Team 3 is set in the non-eurocentric world of Urtu. Steeped in the stories and lore of Asia, the campaign and world blends together modern asian voices telling stories that are common to us all - but with references and perspectives that are uniquely asian.

Meta World Building Season 3


April 15, 2022

For the season final I'm joined by Ramji, DM of The 4th Culture , an Asia-based TTRPG show which focuses on global voices and set in an Asian-influence homebrew world. We discuss global mythology and it's impact on TTRPGs, s…