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Bart Wynants (Critographer)


Bart’s first brush with the hobby started with the discovery of HeroQuest, in the early 90s. He was always the kid who played the bad guy, and it seems he’s been stuck behind the GM screen ever since. His three campaigns are currently on a covid-hiatus and he can’t wait to revisit Curse of Strahd which, thirteen sessions in, has already gone completely off the rails! “As any good campaign should” he claims.
Since 2018, Bart has been working as a freelance writer, designer and fantasy cartographer and is currently involved in several exciting projects! He’s also active on Twitter, sharing bits of history and folklore to serve as writing inspiration, as well as banging out the odd article on GM tips and advice.

DM Advice Season 1


April 2, 2021

This episode is (unfortunately?) not about the delicious sugary treat, but instead the DM tool of "fudging dice"; changing the outcome of a roll behind the screen. For this discussion, I'm joined by Bart Wynants, a.k.a @crit…