July 9, 2021


CW: Discussion around sexuality and relationships. References to sex.

This weeks guest is Declan, the "forever DM" of the Romancing the Dungeon podcast where the characters are all searching for that special someone! We discuss the what romance can mean in Dungeons & Dragons, such as the many forms it can take and reasons why it does, and does not, show up in campaigns. One of the most fundamental things to bear in mind is the comfort of those at the table, which can be monitored and achieved through regular check ins and open discussion. We regale each other with anecdotes featuring romance from our campaigns, or at least an interpretation of it. And that's really a core talking point of this episode: "romance" means many different things to many different people. Therefore it's as exciting and interesting as it is fraught with faux pas and potential missteps. However, adding an extra dimension to your character, in the form of romantic inclinations, can lead to fulfilling revelations and realisations that otherwise might've been missed. As with most leisure activities, D&D is a form of escapism, and not everyone wants the very real complications of relationships brought across into their fantasy universe, and so we must approach these topics with mindfulness and appreciation.

  • 03:57 - What romance can really mean
  • 27:14 - Risk and risqué: the pitfalls of romance
  • 40:02 - An exercise in vulnerability
  • 49:46 - Mindfulness and consent

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Declan Doody


A forever DM, I am currently running five games all mostly homebrew. I have been playing TTRPG for over 18 years and ventured into content creation for the first time with Romancing the Dungeon. I enjoy creating and writing worlds, developing complex narratives and exploring emotional and personal topics.

When not playing TTRPGs, you will find me in a classroom, I teach full-time. Outside of that I enjoy reading, annoying my cats and crying over animals!