Nov. 6, 2020


In this first of a two-parter, Ian Langton and I discuss how the "experience" of Dungeons & Dragons has shifted, not only since earlier editions, but also as the players mature. Ways to get "good" experience, and how differing levels of play experience can dramatically impact the moment-to-moment gameplay.

  • 03:04 - What makes a fun experience
  • 06:44 - How the DM experience has changed
  • 15:25 - Difficulties of DM'ing
  • 25:33 - How DM experience shapes player experience
  • 33:45 - Good ways to get more experience
  • 52:54 - The DM "experience"
  • 59:55 - Anecdotal evidence

Intro Music: 'Local Forecast' by Kevin MacLeod
Intermission Music: 'Chill' by Kevin MacLeod
Outro Music: 'Local Forecast - Elevator' by Kevin MacLeod
Reference to 'The Elfish Gene: Dungeons, Dragons and Growing Up Strange' by Mark Barrowcliffe

Ian Langton