July 16, 2021


This episode I'm joined by Pete, a.k.a. @BadDMPete, to discuss all about voices! If I can start off by apologising for the embarrassing mistake of confusing the Akira Kurosawa epic Seven Samurai with the Tom Cruise bombast of The Last Samurai, please forgive me! Now that's out of the way, I can tell you about the rest of the episode! Pete and I discuss how mistakes should be learned from to improve oneself, and that no one should ever feel pressured at the game table. In fact, understanding your own "voice" as a player is far more important than trying to find any unique or special character voice. Performance is an acquired talent, one that comes naturally, albeit slowly. A far more useful talent is being able to look after yourself, and support and guide others. Remember, this is ostensibly a podcast on Dungeons and Dragons! We also go into detail about how all NPCs are, whether it's liked or not, a mouthpiece for the DM. This means they can be used to subtlety or obnoxiously flavour and colour the universe. Another tool in the Dungeon Master toolkit!

  • 04:21 - How to leverage the verbal component
  • 12:42 - Finding your character's "voice"
  • 32:03 - NPCs as a vehicle for the DM
  • 42:35 - Guiding others to find their own voice

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