June 4, 2021


This episode is all about "Planning" campaigns, chapters, sessions, calendars, and characters. I'm joined by Jeff Nabors, the DM for the Reroll Expectations actual-play podcast and media director for Chasing XP. We discuss our various methods for planning our campaigns from the micro of moment-to-moment improv, to the macro of embedding meaningful character development into grand campaign arcs. There's a line between over-planning, and failure to plan (is planning to fail), and the thickness of that line, and it's position, is different from person to person, campaign to campaign. Inevitably, there will be some encounter that never sees the light of day; take solace in that you are not alone, and learning from the loss is something every DM has to come to terms with.

  • 01:11 - The challenges and rewards of planning a large homebrew campaign
  • 17:15 - How to mitigate the impact of surprise incidents
  • 23:54 - Coming to terms with lost potential of dungeons
  • 28:46 - The meat in the middle - architecting chapters
  • 39:33 - IRL TPK - Calendar Scheduling
  • 45:45 - Frontloading character development
  • 54:05 - Planning the proxy - divining divination requests

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Jeff Nabors

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I am an established writer and self-proclaimed “internet person”, known for hosting the Chasing XP Podcast, as well as my Dungeons and Dragons Podcast "Reroll Expectations". When I'm not building fantasy worlds, I'm probably ranting about video game lore or game mechanics.