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Michael Wu (DM Micycle)

App Developer

Michael has been playing D&D for about four years and started DMing soon after. A programmer and app developer by trade, he created "Game Master's Toolkit 5e", which is available on the iOS App Store. It features many random generators, including NPCs, cities, quests, villains, traps, magic items, and so much more. It also contains a library of puzzles, minigames, and music for GMs to include in their games.

Michael also enjoys making various props, such as Potions of Healing, d20 keychains, and dice shakers. He especially enjoys creating puzzles and is always thinking up new types!

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Aug. 13, 2021

Puzzles, the marmite of Dungeons & Dragons! I'm joined by Michael Wu, a.k.a. DM Micycle , to discuss the nuances of designing puzzles for TTRPGs. Certain considerations have to made during the design process, as puzzles are …