Special Episodes

Episodes out of the ordinary, including bookends, competitions, and wrap-ups.


Oct. 15, 2021

This very special episode was recorded on location at Geek Retreat Southampton ! As such, it has a slightly different format to all my previous episodes. I was fortunate enough to have Simon, James, Anastazia, and Anri share…

Meta Special Season 1

Season 1 Wrap Up

April 16, 2021

Well, here we are, 25 episodes later and a whole lot wiser! This is the wrap up and retrospective for season 1 and boy, what a journey it has been. This episode doesn't feature a guest, but instead you can humour me for an h…



Oct. 7, 2020

Podcast trailer for Thinking Critically: A D&D Discussion. A discussion show with different guests each episode. We take a single concept or idea and discuss what that means within the D&D framework to help you get the most …