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Nikki Yager (Beholder to No One)


Nikki is a crafter, wife, and adoptive mom to an almost 19 year old, and the creator of Beholder to No One, a D&D/TTRPG podcast where she has a discussion show where guests join on random topics every Monday, and an actualplay or usually non D&D one shots every Thursday. She is also creating two new shows, Dice Before Dawn: Phoenix by Night and Sound Control RPG: Radio Signal.

Recently she has endevored into full time Podcast editing and other services related to podcasting and Tabletop gaming!

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July 2, 2021

This episode I'm joined by Nikki from Beholder to No One , the award winning TTRPG podcast featuring discussions and one-shots. Broadly this episode can be summed up as "how random elements affect gameplay", however as we qu…