Matthew Street

Managing Director

Entry level TTRPG player trying to get to grips with a whole world of information, rules and behaviours.

Father of 2 amazing boys and partner to Kat, trying to learn as much as I can to DM for my family to get them into D&D as it has been amazing for me. The things I have done over the past 2 years with a great group of people and an amazing DM has inspired me to try to bring some of this into the lives of those closest to me.

I am an IT Project Manager for a construction company who enjoys playing games both on computers (Fifa specifically 18, CS:GO, Splitgate, Halo, Fortnite) and real worldly things like poker, pool and darts.

DM Advice Player Advice Season 4


May 13, 2022

Welcome back! Season 4 opens with a self-indulgent, naval gazing look at the new player experience through the eyes of one my players: Matt Street. Matt joined my homebrew campaign in session 0 way back at the beginning of 2…