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Karim Noormohamed (FeverDreamStudios)

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Karim “FeverDreamStudios” Noormohamed is a D&D designer and content creator from Toronto, Canada. He writes adventures, designs subclasses and player options, and distributes them on his Twitter and on DMsGuild. You can find him doing these things and giving presentations on D&D good practices on his Twitch stream.

DM Advice Meta World Building


May 21, 2021

I am joined once more by Karim, a.k.a. FeverDreamStudios , and we talk about the environments we create, play in, and maintain. Again, a surprisingly broad topic with varied interpretations and connotations. We begin with th…

Homebrewing Season 1


Nov. 13, 2020

A landmark episode! I'm joined by Karim, a.k.a FeverDreamStudios , and we get real deep into the design of D&D. How it's designed, how to design for it, and ways that PCs and DMs can design around and with each other. Too ma…